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Initially founded in 2017 by a team of undergraduate and graduate students at Dalhousie University competing in IGEM, Think of the PLoSibilities provided a platform for students to gain science communication skills and engage meaningfully with the public. Now, this blog has expanded to foster a variety of collaborations with Dalhousie University and the greater community, focused on increasing accessibility to science and encouraging inclusivity within the field. 


Science is meant to be for everyone, yet there are many barriers that often stand in the way. Over the years, Public Library of Science (PLOS) database journals have led the way in open-access publishing, ensuring that the latest research reaches a global audience, without restrictions. With shared values, and a belief that all research should be accessible, our blog post summaries will simplify scientific publications by focusing on the knowledge gaps, major findings, and the impact of the results. We are always accepting blog post submissions, please feel free to submit a summary for publication (see How to submit a summary page).

Sci Comm @ DAL

Dalhousie University is a leader within the field of science communication. By incorporating components of science communication in varying courses, providing certificate options in science communication and leadership, Dalhousie has established many opportunities for students to gain experience and help make science more accessible.

                                                         Dal IGEM Team 2017

We hope this site encourages you to Think of the PLOSibilities…

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